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GuangDong Foxen Sporting Goods Co. Ltd. is a professional skateboard manufacture ,we are one of the biggest and best skateboard manufactures in China.We import a lot of  containers log from the Canada and United States every years and make more than million of skateboard per year.Our goal is to provide the international skateboarding community with high quality OEM skateboards,at a competitive cost ,Also, we manufacture for the most professional brands .
Foxen focus on professional skateboard manufacturing,from the roll cutting to shape making ,each process is under the strict superivesion.Based on the storage of the large amount or raw material ,professional technique and staff,Foxen Skateboard factory can provide professional and high quality skateboard on time always.


Company Introduction

Functional Area Introduction

With convenient transportation, our factory is located in Dongguan which adjacent to Shenzhen, Guangzhou.
With more than 9000㎡ area, our factory consist of 4 functional areas: workshop, playground, office and dinner hall. 

Sample Exhibition Hall

You can find more than 300 units of traditionary and faddish samples including standard skateboard, longboard, full maple, full bamboo-fiber, birch, glasses fiber, CF etc.

Accessories Area

This is an oversized functional area which is tidy and easy to find the accessories we need.

Veneers Storeroom

About 550㎡  warehouse for veneers storage, we have various veneers to produce all kinds of decks as clients' request, such as Canadian maple, bamboo, birch and so on.

Pressing Area

7 set of pressing machines, 1 set of normative gluing process for daily running. More than 100 sets of different molds for clients to choose.
Our production pressing capacity: 1000+  units / day.


Shaping & Sanding Area

With 60 sets of top international manufacturing equipments that include drilling, belt saw, CNC shaping, edge milling, polishing and wheelwell machine.
The production capacity:1000+ units/day

Painting area

We have two kinds of painting styles, one is handwork with traditional painting, the second is via the paint leaching machine. 

The production capacity:1000+ units/day

Assemble Area

We have more than 40 workers for the assemble line which greatly enhance the productivity.


This is the finished warehouse. We will ship directly once all the processes completed.