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1. About Sample:
How could I get a sample?
We have to receive your payment for samples and express delivery cost, then send the samples to you.
The price of the samples wull be 10% extra on the price list. Express delivery charge depends on the sample  quantity.

2.About Price:
Could I get your price list?
Yes, please tell us the products (with their model number), quantity you are interested in, then we will offer the price by e-mail.
3. About Shipment:
what kind of shipment do you use?
We usually ship the products by boat via our shipping agent, but we also can ship the products in the way you requested to all over the world.
4. About Sole-Distributor:
How to become your sole distributor in our city, area or state, country?
If you can sell our products worth US$ 10,000 ---- 50,000/ month, you can become our sole distributor in your city or area;
if you can sell our products worth US$ 50,000 or more/ month, you can become our sole distributor in your state;
If you want to be the sole agent in your country, we can discuss about it.

5. About OEM:
Can we place an OEM order by OEM  in your factory?
Yes, you can.We accept customer's own designs and OEM design orders.
Welcome to place the OEM order. What you need to do is email us the brand name or logo.
6. About Payment Terms:
How we arrange payment?
T/T: Telegraphic Transfer (wire transfer), 30% down payment, balance upon fax/Eamil of the bill of lading. Or L/C: Letter of Credit. Westen Union ,Paypal
7. About Lead Time:
How soon can we get the shipment?
We will arrange production after confirm the order and payment.  Normally 7-15 days for  production, delivery time depends on the destination place.
8. About MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):
What is the minimum order quantity?
Usually the MOQ is 200-300pcs each model,Mix packing or Mix container accepted.
9. About Shipping Insurance:
Can you arrange shipping insurance for us ?
Yes, we can if you requested, normally we will obey the trade term. 
10.About Dropship:
Can you do the dropship?
Sorry, we can't do the dropship since the quantity for dropship is too small, it is hard to deal with the small quantity.
11.About product:
Pictures are for guidance & may not resemble "exactly" a specific model.
Products Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
12, About Warranty:
Manufacturer carry a 180 days Limited Manufactures Warranty.
13.About Delivery Date:
LongBoard: 25days
Skateboard: 25days
Skateboard decks::20days
Protective Pads: 30 days
14.Is there mix container service available ?
Yes, we are experienced in this field .
15.Can the batch be made up of decks in different sizes?
(eg.: if we order 300 decks total, can we go for 100 in 8”, 100 in 8.25” and 100 in 8.5”)
Yes. you can,
16.Do you provide the shipping options or is it left for us to find our own courier?
Yes .We can provided shiping optinos .Of course you can find your own courier .